Capital Partners SA (est. 1996), is a leading investment advisory firm headquartered in Athens, Greece. Our founders and principals are individuals with a background of holding highly responsible positions in banking and government. Since our founding, we have been successful in executing some of the more prestigious investment banking mandates in Greece. The firm is very well connected with the leaders in banking, government, shipping, trade and industry.

Capital Partners focuses on:

  1. Advising Greek companies on mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances and assisting them in concluding such transactions.
  2. Advising banks in Greece on matters of business strategy,
  3. Advising and arranging divestitures and acquisitions in the Greek banking sector,
  4. Advising institutional investors on Greek bond, equity market developments,
  5. Advising Greek corporate and shipping companies on accessing the public dept and equity markets (such as through the Athens Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange’s “Alternative Investment Market”),
  6. Arranging bank financing for Greek corporate and shipping names,
  7. Arranging private equity financing,
  8. Advising investors on Greek state-owned company privatizations.